About Gvalueinvest

We desire to invest in intelligent, talented and passionate people.

Gvalueinvest was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced executives with a global business, financial and entrepreneurial background. As a Norwegian company that invests in early-phase companies, we are eager to meet entrepreneurs with bright ideas and new technologies.

Our purpose

As a Norwegian investment company, we engage in early-phase companies that applies technology to solve real problems for people. Entrepreneurs and smaller companies are essential parts of our society's long-term growth. It is an integral driving force to help them succeed with their dream and value creation.

Our ambition

Boost Nordic Innovation

Make Nordic technology available in other industries and build Norwegian & Nordic industry edge.

Sustainability Through Innovation

Future innovation comes through sustainable ideas. We want to be part of them and help them grow.

Tech Platforms Deliver High Returns

Leveraging Tech Platforms in other industries will create high value.

We are investing in companies within

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning


Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Interactive Reality

Enterprise SaaS

Enterprise Applications
Enterprise processes

Market places

Social Platforms
eLearning (EdTech)


Ferdia is a network-based mobility and transport company where the primary focus is the Tour Bus market. The platform’s technology enables the creation of tours and services based on a network of companies connected to the platform.
Live Private Guided Tours is a unique marketplace for discovering, experience and book your certified guided tours globally. It will become an experience platform for high quality guided tours in all the categories.
Go Digital China is both a Software as a Service platform and a marketing consultancy company, helping Western companies with activities in the Chinese market using marketing methodologies, digital technologies and international business experience from both China and Europe.
Tise is a social marketplace for used goods and assets. It enables the users to buy, sell, follow and like ads in a way that makes creativity and sustainability easy and fun. Tise has also created a mobile subscription called Tise Mobile. It is based on more data and less SMS, MMS and ringing, which is perfect for the younger generation.
Viskum Kunstfond is focusing on buying and selling art. In 2020/2021, the paintings will be sold, and the profit will be distributed between the shareholders, where one of them is GVALUEINVEST.
Qubs is a Swiss-based company introducing coding, robotics and programmable thinking to children between 2 and 12 years old. This is done by creating wooden toys which are programmable through giving wooden blocks simple commands which again can communicate with movable objects as robots, cars, trains etc.
Mybeat is a Swedish based Virtual Mobile Operator that focuses on high customer satisfaction and attractive data plans. Mybeat explores new go-to-market models and sales models. Another focus will be on white labelling solutions to other service providers and unique service offering utilizing new technology platforms.
The Future Group is a Software as a Service company delivering next-generation software-based technology for Virtual Production. The technology enables photorealistic graphics and special effects in real-time for state of the art Virtual / Augmented and Interactive Mixed Reality Production.
Exerto is a marketplace for training videos and exercise programs. It delivers high-quality video-based training programs for beginners and experts in the local language with highly qualified instructors. It will also combine virtual exercising programs with a network of Personal Assistants (PA) which can deliver physical training classes as a solution.
Decisions is a Software as a Service product which enables Boards, management teams and projects to handle decisions, documents and actions efficiently through one consistent solution. It is utilizing the latest Microsoft O365 modules in a simple way integrating services such as Outlook, Office, Teams, SharePoint, Groups, Tasks, in an integrated manner.
Cosin helps their customers and their products to enter the Chinese market through established channels. The company is specialized in designing, developing and producing hardware products, and help customers to simplify innovation process.
Hubridge is a datacom and IT provider in addition to an exclusive partnership of Huawei Corporation. Hubridge focuses on the server, storage and network solutions to the enterprise market. The company utilizes Huawei’s broad portfolio and works closely with them as an exclusive partner.
E2P Systems is a newly started company with the aim of radically change the way the entrepreneurial business is running their projects. This will be done by introducing an agile project management methodology to the Decision Oriented Project Management. E2P Systems is developing the methodology and tool which will enable decision-makers to manage the projects in a more efficient and controlled way.
Spiff is a new Norwegian savings app. The Spiff app makes saving money simple and social. You can include friends and family in shared saving plans. Spiff uses data and behaviour analytics to nudge users to build smart saving habits. Spiff is rated 4-star plus on the App Store and Google Play, and is available for everyone in Norway. Spiff’s mission is to help people save money.
Smoc.ai give the end-users real control and rewards through smart rewards platform, promoting brands in operation channels the way end-user love. It will provide new revenues and sales for the operators by motivating the customers into stores.
We bring people tighter through warm technology. Social isolation and loneliness strikes the most vulnerable groups in society hardest. Two of the most exposed groups are those over the ages 80 years and children and young adults with long-term illness.
With the significant environmental impact and the manufacturing of annually 1,5 billion smartphones, consumers and businesses need to be aware of these challenges, and how they can contribute to reducing it by buying reused. Moorup enables the ecosystem and the technology platform for businesses and consumers to trade in old smartphones and buy reused smartphones as easy and as simple as buying new ones.
Cut through the advertising clutter. Cavai is a market-leading conversational adtech company, delivering
conversational ads in all formats across the web. Using our proprietary platform,
anyone can quickly get started building interactive ads and campaigns.


The Team

Stein Erik Moe

Co-founder and CEO

Stein Erik Moe is Co-founder and CEO of Gvalueinvest. He has extensive experience in founding and leading startups in the IT sector. He had twenty-seven years in Accenture, working with Technology, Communication and Media having global leadership positions within Consultancy, Sales, Industry and account management in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Extensive experience with worldwide delivery from Asia and Eastern Europe. Have led some of the larger global clients to account in Accenture, which led towards developing and maintaining long term relationships with key client stakeholders and top management. Stein Erik is holding and has held various other board positions within art, culture, sport and business, such as the National Norwegian Opera and Ballet for six years and current board position at a technology company driving industry solutions and holding a senior advisory role for Tise and global investment company. Current member of the core team for the Business for Peace Foundation - the "Nobel peace prize equivalent" for business.

Rolv-Erik Spilling

Co-founder and chairman

Rolv-Erik is co-founder and Chairman of Gvalueinvest. He has overseen several mergers and acquisitions internationally and has extensive experience founding and operating start-ups and early phase companies. From 2016 he has co founded five companies in the area of SW development, AdTech and B2B SaaS. Rolv-Erik has a MSc. in Mathematics and 25 years experience from the internet and telecom industry. Rolv-Erik has been head of the corporate market in Telenor Norway, Technology Director for Telenor Norway, Executive Vice President of Telenor Digital and CEO of Telenor Digital. He led Telenor's global focus on innovation and development of digital services and new business areas. He has extensive experience from several board positions in big companies, such as Norwegian Finance Holding ASA, Grieg Maturitas AS, Telenor Broadcast Holding AS, The Future Group AS, Tise AS and Netscenario AS.

Knut Michael Asplund

Investor and partner

Knut is an investor and partner in Gvalueinvest. Being a serial entrepreneur, he has extensive experience in founding and operating start-ups. He has influenced many companies by serving on various boards and committees. Knut is CEO and owner in both Kaffebryggeriet and Stayer Consult AS. He has worked as a sales director for both Multichem Wallinco AS, Elkraft AS and Aqua Service AS and gained a broad network between top management.

Andreas Solberg

Investor and partner

Andreas is an investor and partner in Gvalueinvest. He has overseen several mergers and acquisitions internationally and has extensive experience in the financial sector. He has an international MSc with major in finance from BI Norwegian Business School. Andreas has been Finance Director in Waterlogic Plc for both Scandinavia and Europe, Director of Strategic Projects and CFO in Waterlogic Ltd. His experience has given him a huge network in the financial sector with top management and leaders.

Kenneth Bentsen

Investor and partner

Together with his family, Kenneth owns Indigo Management AS, operating within parking, real estate and finance. He is a board member and works as the managing director. Indigo Management AS was founded in 1979 by Snorre Bentsen, building up parking in Scandinavia, before it was sold in 1999. Kenneth has led the start-up and development of parking operations in Finland, the Baltics (sold), Poland and later ONEPARK in Denmark (sold) and Norway.

Kenneth's career started in the parking industry in the 1980s. First as an extra aid during school holidays at the parking facility at Oslo Airport Fornebu. Later, he worked as an operational assistant before he continued in the headquarter, working his way up in the operations and sales department. Later, Kenneth started his own convenience chain in Helsinki, Pick A Deli, which was later closed down.

Kenneth is the founder and chairman of 2Park Technologies AS, a company wholly-owned by Indigo. 2Park was the pioneer that introduced and changed the parking industry in 2013 by introducing a camera-based and customer-friendly parking system known as the Autopay brand. The company's solution is currently used in 8 European countries.

Kenneth owns Louie Investor AS, which in turn owns 40% of K11 Investor AS, a restructured company of Indigo. K11 Investor has large holdings in Pareto Bank, B2Holding, Oslo AirPort City and Memcare, as well as several investments in both listed and unlisted companies in Norway and abroad. Kenneth is the company's general manager and chairman. K11 Investor AS is a partner of Gvalueinvest AS.

Thea M


Thea is the analyst in Gvalueinvest. She has an MSc with major in Finance from BI Norwegian Business School. Thea has experience in accounting and other office-related tasks. She is handling the finances of Gvaluinvest and is responsible for the portfolio company reporting and the valuations.

Claes Gunnar Gunnarson

Investor and partner

Claes is an investor and active partner in Value Invest. Extensive experience within Marketing and Sales from different high profile executive positions in companies as Telia, Telenor and Flokk. Proven track record in delivering strategic change, financial results and operational excellence by orchestrating a combination of strategic planning, engage teams to outperform and cultivate relationship with internal and external stakeholders.
Claes expertise is sales management, distribution strategy and operational leadership. Claes is currently active as CEO for Live Private Guide and assist several companies in GVI´s portfolio with growth activities.

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